{good} and {ugly} things moment... byu v utah...

well, the moment byu and u of u fans had been waiting for all season arrived last night. the show-down happened in the marriott center amidst a packed stadium of screaming fans (both cougs and utes). it was beautiful. doors opened at 5:30 pm for the 7 pm game, and only 6,000 students were to be admitted. the student section line started at the doors and ended somewhere across the street from the museum of art. intense. i may or may not have cut in line. small mounds of food and left-over soda cans from die-hard fans who had camped out starting friday morning littered the line of people waiting to get in. spirits were high, and a prayer of "please just let us beat ____{insert name of other team}___ " hovered in the air from fans on either side.

just a couple of pics to show we were there...

welcome to the marriott center, ya'll

happy to be there

getting us pumped

for those who missed it, here is my quick assessment: cougar energy was high in the first half, leaving us with a substantial lead by half-time. but there must have been one heck of a pep-talk given in the utes locker room, because they came back with avengeance, ready for cougar blood... literally. spirits were waning with 10 minutes to go. jimmer fredette, being the trooper he is, whipped out a couple of 3 pointers to get the blood pumping again. then this happened. {you really only need to watch the first 1 minute and 20 seconds of this to get the gist}. at any rate, cougs were enraged, boylen looked a tad bit ridiculous, and byu won 82 to 69.

a note: pre-game, clint and i enjoyed a wonderful dinner at rooster dumpling and noodle bar. the food was divine, the owner was super-cute and super-nice, and there will be more on that to come. i am going back for lunch in a couple of days to taste some more of the delectable cuisine, visit with the owner, and take some pictures of the delightful decor. please come back to check for more details. for the website click the logo below...

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