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When in Target on one of the gift registry kiosks... enter either the name Becky Mortensen or Clint Thurber and you may leave the state selection undefined. Using the names Rebecca or Clinton will not work. Sorry if this has caused any inconveniences.

Thank you. We love you. See you soon!

<3 Becky & Clint


ah! crunch time.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving in St. Louis. So good to be with family, although I wish circumstances had been different. But nonetheless, it was a lovely little vacation. Clint passed the Daddy-golf-day test, and as far as I can tell, he graduated from "my daughter's fiance" to a good friend and soon-to-be-awesome-son-in-law in my dad's eyes. Quite the feat considering I've never seen a guy graduate past "the kid Becky is dating". Little sister Megan charmed us all with her wit (her sarcasm) and her overall cuteness. (I sure do miss that girl when she is not around... which is most of the time.)We visited the Arch (which took a very, very long time), introduced Clint to the magnificent town of Wentzville, MO ;) and watched lots of man-movies. We even got Mom to join in for one.

But now, it's back to reality... or whatever you'd call it.
Everyone is busy. Tis the season. My point is, it's all okay. There are more important things than exams and papers and bridal pictures and flower girl dresses (actually, for my sweet cousin Carly and cute little Kate, there might not be much more important than that, so I really hope the dresses get here soon!). But that aside, I want to wish everyone a happy preparation for Christmas, an exciting build-up to the holidays, and the energy to finish everything you need to get done.

Happy Monday.


a new and glorious beginning

Oh to blog! What a funny kind of joy. I am so excited to share all of the fun things that have happened, are happening, will happen...
24 days until W-day. That is a BIG day. 1)My name changes; I'm gonna be Becky Thurber. 2)We will no longer have our own anything... we have to learn to share... an apartment, a bathroom, food, a bed, legroom on airplanes, TV (can't monopolize with ESPN or TLC), the sad days and the happy days... 3)No more sleeping sprawled out across the entire bed. 4)Decisions are no longer my own--- good communication skills required... eek! 5)No more outrageous dance parties in SLC, or any other semblances of the pre-marriage dating life. 6)No more therapy shopping... 6)We have a new family. It's just the 2 of us. It's no longer me against the world; it's he and I against the world.
Well, needless to say-------- I can't wait!

I would like to take a sec to thank Jane Rhodes, the fabulous designer of this oh-so-cute blog layout. Jane, you are wonderfully creative and an amazing woman!