{good} things moment: the lovely bones

one day at the salt lake city airport i became uncomfortably bored and set out on a quest for something to keep me from biting my nails or awkwardly staring at people. the lovely bones is what i found. alice sebold's writing is refreshingly different. her style develops with the characters, the mark of a true artistic writer, i do believe.

after reading the novel, i just had to see the movie. i went out with some of my most favorite gals and we laughed, cried, screamed, and spilled our popcorn together...

(((note on photo of cute gal pals... erin aka "duke" is missing; this is actually a photo of almost the same group of girls on the opening night of "new moon"... sorry duke)))

i highly recommend both the novel and the film. both had me emotionally enthralled: crying one minute, about-the-pee-my-pants scared the next, and finally relieved and enlightened.


  1. Becky - Camille read the book and loved it - we just haven't gone to see the movie yet. I like your blog - it'll be fun to see what you guys are doing here!

  2. This book is on my to-read list. Maybe I could borrow it from you?