the dealio: {goods}{bads}{uglies}

HELLO lovelies!

Recently I started this blog in celebration of the beautiful world we live in, which until a couple days ago was just meant to update friends and family on the happenings of daily life. However, I am starting something new that I hope will prove valuable to many of you. As often as possible, I will post a blog with a review of something good, bad, or downright ugly, that I have tried recently. This may include, but is not limited to, new recipes, places to shop, movies, books, art venues, restaurants, various types of vendors (photography, salons), workout routines and health tips, etc. You will automatically know how I feel about the subject of the blog post, b/c it'll be labeled {good} things moment; {bad} things moment; or {ugly} things moment. Most often I will be reporting {good} things. So please check it out. Become a follower of the blog {{all you need is a gmail account to do so}} and leave your feedback; it would be very helpful to me and hopefully beneficial to other readers! There's already a post or two, but there will be many to follow, so keep coming back for more! Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy...


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