...the bless-ed day...

I wanted to post a few pics that aren't on
Facebook to give a little inside view into
the happiest day of my {our} life!


Finally married and finally able to relax,
I was breathing a heavy sigh of relief... I looked
at Jun (our awesome photographer)
and dared him to do his worst.
Bring on the hours of photos in the
freezing cold!

These beautiful little ladies (mostly cousins) pitched in to help
with my massive skirt.
Little Lexi (Boyack) couldn't stop staring...
I was told a little later that she thought
I might be a real princess.

Little girls are so precious<3>

I hope you can see the numbers, because
it's time to review (if you can't see the numbers on the pic then click on it to enlarge):
1 Mom's eyes are closed. An expression of sheer joy, I'm sure.
{or maybe it was exhaustion..}
2 Clint is apparently about to serenade us!
3 He also may or may not knock Marleen out... Ah!
4 I adore Clint's Grandma Helen! Her sweet-mannered wave
is very fitting for her sweet demeanor.
Either that or she thought that throwing our hands in the air
on a crowded staircase was as awkward as I did;)
5 {A} Aunt Amber is either very excited to be there or very cold;
I will let you decide.
{B} ...A photo rivalry... Amber v. Edson. Point for Amber.
6 Kade (love that kid) is both in pain and feeling way too cool
to be waving his hand in the air.
SO he naturally opted for the #1 sign, b/c he knows we are #1!
Smart guy...
7 Dad is a little distracted.
8 Lexi... ha ha ha. She is quite obviously not amused.
9 Kate is going to be a lover of roller coasters!
10 Famous Nikki face.
11 Not a face or position I have ever seen Uncle Art pulling... love it!

What a good looking family!

Preliminary Bouquet-Toss Prep:
Trying to warn the gals that the bouquet may
knock them out.

Camille= Winner!!!
{although she might view that a little differently}

Clint and I stole a minute {which we thought was to ourselves}
to enjoy a little newly-wed PDA.
Apparently Jun found us with his camera.
And before Jun could reach us to resume taking pictures,
an old man {who had been sitting across the hall
watching us... not creepy...} interrupted our smooching
to have a pretty lengthy conversation about
the various weddings going on around Temple Square.
Very nice man. Kinda bad timing.

I love this picture.
It reminds me of the long road that is ahead of us.
We are now a separate entity in charge of taking care of each other.
There will be hard days, I know.
There will be hard work that needs to be done, I know.
There may be difficult children,
burnt dinners,
long nights,
nasty landlords,
strange places,
dirty dishes,
bad face days,
evolution debates {j/k},
loads of laundry,
bills bills bills,
hurt feelings...
But for every one of those sad/bad/gross/monotonous times
I know there will be a million and one
late-night movies,
Friday date nights,
nighttime jogs,
soft-spoken secrets,
little baby hands,
crayon drawings on the fridge,
new recipes,
happy memories...

Thank you for sharing the love.

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