very {good} things moment: rooster dumpling + noodle bar

introducing one of the most delicious date nights provided by university ave. (just north of provo's center street)...
rooster dumpling +noodle bar

located at 163 north university ave., provo, ut


the ambiance is fabulous.
there's a refreshing minimalist feel to the decor.
perfect down to the last light switch.

specialty dumplings (4 different fillings to choose from
and each offers a new tasty experience

thai basil rice... my fave

lunch special: rooster's own pulled pork sandwich...
scrumptious & affordable

but among all of these wonderful things that make up rooster,
my favorite is the owner, simy.
the recipes are hers. she and her husband, andy, run the show.
and they do a beautiful job.

thank you simy and andy for sharing this beautiful place with us.


see www.roosterdnb.com for more info.

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